General Questions

What is auXala and why should I use it?

auXala is a multi-channel cloud streaming service that significantly improves your event experience. Our software allows you to stream live translations, music or any other audio content directly to the attendees’ smartphones - no app needed!

How does it work?

Mobile Receivers:
No app is needed. Receivers just open the auXala cloud link in their browser. The auXala cloud link is different for every customer and can also be password protected. Example:

Ingest Software:
The original audio channels must be connected to a computer that will be used to ingest the audio to the auXala platform. The ingest software is available for MacOS and Windows.

How to get started

You will need 3 things to get started with our platform:

  1. Audio Source(s)

  2. Computer running the auXala ingest software for Windows/MacOS

  3. Internet access

You connect the audio source(s) to the computer. This can be either done via the built-in microphone, a USB audio interface or network protocols such as Dante. Since we don't want to interfere with our audio setup, the choice is completely yours, though we can offer recommendations. You can also choose whether you would like to use a different computer for every stream or run all streams from one computer.

You launch the auXala ingest software on your computer and enter the admin interface url that has been sent to you. The software will show you a list of available streams and audio sources that can be used. You will be able to configure the following settings:

  • Channel Type: Mono Left, Mono Right, Stereo (Advanced/Enterprise only)

  • Audio Quality: Standard (32kbit), Advanced (48kbit) and Best (96kbit). All streams will be in a 44.1kHz sample rate.

After the software is started, the audio will be available at your specific auXala cloud link (Example:

Listeners can then simply open this link via their device's browser and enjoy the stream in realtime and HiFi quality.

Where can I use auXala?

auXala fields of application:

  • Live translations/interpretations

  • Congresses

  • Museums

  • Amusement parks

  • Silent Discos

  • Silent Conferences

  • Keynote events

  • Exhibitions

  • Orchestras

  • Houses of Worship

  • Live Music & Festivals

  • Impaired Hearing uses


Does the system require 3G/LTE/Internet to work?

Yes, auXala works completely online – a solid internet connection through WiFi, 3G/LTE is required. For high security applications auXala enterprise offers a solution for broadcasting via local WiFi.

Does the system require specific hardware?

No - auXala software runs on any computer. For cases where a computer is not wanted, we developed special hardware: CAST-BOX and CAST- RACK.

What is the difference between auXala and other streaming systems?

Our worldwide unique software auXala works online, without the need of an installed app. Our customers don’t have to rent interpreter equipment or wireless headphones. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Attendees use their own devices.

Can auXala support hearing impaired people?

Yes, auXala can be used instead of loop systems.

Can I use auXala for multi-language live translations/interpretations?

Yes, auXala can be used for transmitting live interpretations from many interpreters directly to the event attendees. Contact us to get more information.


Technical Questions

Is there a manual or requirements document available?

Yes of course, please find it here.

What are the minimum requirements for transmitting via my MacOS/Windows computer?

  • Windows 8 64bit or Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) 64bit

  • 1.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i3

  • 2GB of RAM

  • 250mb available disk space

  • Network interface card (NIC) with ethernet dapter or WiFi IEEE 802.11 g/n/ac

  • Internal/external sound card with in/out stream, 44.1 kHz/16bit or better sampling rate

  • Internet connection

What are the minimum requirements for receivers?

Receivers need to have a recent browser and stable 3G/4G/WiFi connection. The following minimum versions of browsers are required:

Microsoft Edge: 12
Firefox: 25
Google Chrome: 10
Apple Safari: 6
Apple Safari iOS: 6.1
Android Browser: 4.4

How much bandwidth is required for my event?

The bandwidth depends on the audio quality being streamed. 

  • Standard: ~100kbit/sec per listener

  • Advanced: ~150kbit/sec per listener

  • Best: ~200kbit/sec per listener

Assume an event with 1 mono stream and 100 concurrent listeners for 1 hour.

  • Standard: 100 kbit/s * 100 listeners = 10 mbit/s = 1.25 MB/s = 4.50 GB total bandwidth

  • Advanced: 150 kbit/s * 100 listeners = 15 mbit/s = 1.87 MB/s = 6.75 GB total bandwidth

  • Best: 200 kbit/s * 100 listeners = 20 mbit/s = 2,5 MB/s = 9.00 GB total bandwidth

Streaming in stereo will obviously double the bandwidth usage.

Can I change the name and picture of the stream?

Name, background graphics, and logos for each stream can be changed in the auXala Advanced and Enterprise plans.

What kind of audio source is supported?

Any kind of audio source that can be connected to your computer. For example:

  • Default Microphone input

  • USB Microphones

  • USB Audio Interfaces (i.e. Focusrite Scarlett)

  • Virtual Audio Interfaces (ie. Stereomix)

  • DANTE Via, DANTE Virtual Soundcard

  • and many more

What is the broadcast delay?

The delay depends on the devices and networks used and is roughly 700ms.

Are Bluetooth headsets supported?

Yes. Bluetooth is supported.

What is the sound quality like?

Fixed standard quality (44.1kHz Mono 32kbit) in auXala Standard, changeable in at auXala Advanced and auXala Enterprise, up to 44.1kHz 96kbit in Mono or Stereo.

Can I see how many people are listening to the stream?

Yes, you are able to see the number of listeners in our realtime admin dashboard.


Privacy and Security

Are streams being recorded?

No we do not record any streams. Our cloud platform is only responsible for broadcasting the streams, received from the ingest software, to the individual listeners. If you wish to record the streams please use a recording software on the ingest computer or specific hardware recorders.

How can my streams be protected?

Streams can be protected by enabling the password access via the administration interface. This allows listeners to connect to the stream only if they know the password. Additionally we can offer you the following protected if requested:

  • Access Code Protection: single use access codes that can be only used once

  • GeoIP Location Protection: only listeners from a specific city/region/country can access the service

  • Local WiFi Protection: only listeners connected to a local WiFi can access the service

What about user privacy?

We do not store any user related information such as IP addresses, browser or hardware identifiers or similar on our cloud platform. The information stored in the administration interface are aggregates of how many users are connected, but not who - we have no way of directly identifying specific users.



How much does it cost and how do I purchase a license?

See our pricing.

Do offer your services on event or long term basis?

We offer both. The auXala can be purchased for a single event, a series of events or even long term basis. Long term basis is available for i.e. AV rental companies or churches that will run a multitude of events per month. Streaming instances can be rented and are operated by us 24/7 for a specifc amount of concurrent users and streams.

Do you offer discounts for churches or other NGOs?

Yes we do, please state it so in your inquiry.

Do you offer special partnership agreements?

Yes we do. We are currently looking for partners in the AV rental, conference/event management and Interpretation industries. Interested? Please contact us at

Do you offer white label solutions?

Yes, auXala enterprise offers white label solutions. Interested?
See our auXala software versions.