for churches, houses of worship and other non-profit organizations

up to 50 users
max. 2 channels

starting from € 19 per month. Includes 5 events per month.


for events, meetings, conferences, congresses and exhibitions

up to 1000 users
max. 16 channels

pricing based on number of users, channels and days.


for enterprise customers who want full customizability

unlimited users
unlimited channels

pricing based on your custom requirements.

All plans include the following features

✔ custom subdomain of

✔ choosable audio quality

✔ full stream configuration

✔ maintenance and updates

✔ password protection

✔ ingest software for MacOS and Windows

✔ admin interface with dashboard, statistics and monitor

✔ data export to csv

✔ choose between different player modes

✔ integration into other websites or apps

✔ White-label and branding capabilities

✔ combination of local WiFi solution

✔ HTTPS secured

All plans can be purchased as event basis or fixed basis.

Event basis plans are designed for single and specific events and are set up accordingly to number of listeners, number of channels and number of days. Event basis plans provide the best flexibility and the least amount of administration.

Fixed basis plans are designed for AV rental companies, conference centres and interpreting agency that will run and manage a multitude of events or conferences per month. Fixed basis plans include a dedicated streaming instance available 24/7 which can be completely customised and white-labelled and are purchased on a monthly/yearly period.