auXala at the 4Gamechangers Festival by ProsiebenSat1Puls4-Media Group

Event organizer Philipp Consemueller wanted to use an innovative easy-to-use solution, to stream all keynote talks directly onto mobile devices. Together with Robert Grabner and Nina Kaiser from the Puls4-team, they thought: ‘What could be more pleasant than being able to move around at an event while listening to all keynotes?’ After some research, the organizer-team took notice of auXala streaming software.

auXala (formerly known as CAST) at 4GC | © auXala

auXala (formerly known as CAST) at 4GC | © auXala

Philipp also came up with the idea, to live translate all keynote talks into English, which were held in German, as many international guests were expected at the festival. After providing a stable WiFi network at Marx Area Vienna, auXala was tested and being used to stream all sessions over the local WiFi network additional to the auXala cloud solution in realtime. AuXala was also a great support for hearing-impaired people at the festival.


The 4Gamechangers Festival took place from the 22nd of April until the 25th of April 2017. This festival is the stage for webstars, hub for future digital projects, the breeding ground for startups and the get-together for game changers.

Puls4 4Gamechanger Festival

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