Follow-up with Lyconet Elite Seminar Kraków 2018

Inside the arena and auXala running on a smartphone

Inside the arena and auXala running on a smartphone


App-less auXala enterprise technology again closed language barriers for Lyconet Elite Seminar attendees. More than 9.500 people from all over the World attended the Elite Seminar at Tauron Arena Kraków.

auXala is the new standard of the interpreter industry.
Lyconet keynote talks were translated by interpreters into 16 different languages, which were then streamed through auXala software over WiFi and internet to the smart devices of app 2.000 participants. No app is required anymore - attendees just have to open the URL of the event, join their mother-tongue and control the volume of their smartphone. That’s it!

The auXala solution consisted of 3 parts:
1. Interpreters
For each of the 16 languages that were simultaneously translated, a booth was installed and staffed with 2 interpreters. The interpreters were hired and trained by Lyconet directly, due to their specific translation requirements. in total 32 persons.
2.      auXala audio ingest
The audio signals of the 16 languages were merged into a DANTE stage box. The stage box consisted of 16 XLR-IN connectors where the audio cables of each interpreter booth were connected to. The outgoing audio signal was then converted to the DANTE format and was streamed over the internal network to 2 pcs. 19” servers running the auXala ingest software. The ingest software mapped each DANTE channel to the specific language and delivered it to the streaming service. For reliability and stability reasons, every component was built twice.
3. auXala streaming service
The auXala streaming service was running locally on a high-end HP server and was designed to handle 10,000 concurrent listeners, as well as to serve the web interface that was integrated into the Lyconet app. The software automatically load balanced the listeners to the 2 existing servers. For reliability and stability reasons every component was built twice.

auXala brings the future to events.

About Lyconet Elite Seminars

Lyconet is one of the global leaders in network marketing. Every Elite Seminar is one of the highlights in a Lyconet Marketer’s calendar. At this spectacular experience, top-class guest speakers reveal valuable insider tips on how a Lyconet Marketer can establish a successful career of his or her own. People from different countries of the World come together to improve their network marketing skills.

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