US church integrates auXala

auXala app-less smart BYOD solution helps grow the bilingual community at VIVA church international in Texas, by closing language barriers.

© VIVA Church International

© VIVA Church International


Audio is sent to mobile devices and can be accessed via link from everywhere - no app required!

VIVA church international recognised the potential of auXala and integrated the system into a fixed part of their services. From now on, everything will be translated from Spanish into English during the worships and the audio will be streamed onto smartphones. auXala enables flexibility because people can listen to the stream from everywhere, as long as their devices are connected to the internet. It also helps hearing impaired people to control their volume level.

With auXala you are not just saving money, you are also saving a lot of time thanks to the easy and simple way to install the software on a simple desktop computer or laptop. No more language barriers with auXala - everyone is welcome.

About VIVA Church International

At VIVA Church International there is a place for everyone. Their vision is to live and extend the kingdom of God´s love to our families, city, country and the nations. VIVA’s mission is to see lives rescued, delivered, healed and restored through the love of Jesus Christ. The following statements show the values and the embodied spirit of VIVA Church International.

Our focus is people. For this reason, in every meeting and event we will make every effort to create an environment where the presence of the Holy Spirit can manifest and transform lives.

To be a church that is: Healthy, Holy and Servant-Hearted.

To bilingually bring the message of Jesus to the masses, through our lives, meetings, events, social media, radio, television and the arts.

We strive to reflect a culture of honour, freedom, generosity, creativity and excellence.

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