Chinese Presbyterian Church streaming 2 channel audio with auXala

Sydney, Australia
The Chinese Presbyterian Church is the first Chinese Church in Australia. This year, 600 people were celebrating its 125th anniversary. The Chinese church provides three languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
At the anniversary, not all of the 600 guests were able to follow the celebrations in Chinese. Therefore, the church needed to offer a software to receive the translated audio streams on private smartphones.

Traditionally, the church offered wired headphones which are restricted to certain seatings. With auXala mobile phone system, everything changed: as long as the device is connected to internet, one can listen to the translation anywhere seated. This enables more flexibility for all attendees. No more rental equipment is needed – everyone brings its own device (BYOD) and earphones.

The auXala team was very helpful to make this event happening. This is a very smart system and I highly recommend it for conferences.
— Tom Tjanaria, Chinese Presbyterian Church

About the Chinese Presbyterian Church:

The Chinese Presbyterian Church (CPC) is the most historic Chinese church in Sydney, founded in 1893 through Australian missionaries reaching out to the Chinese migrants who were predominantly gold miners. Today, CPC is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church that delights in sharing Christ’s gospel with all and sundry.

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