TEDxAmposta using auXala for live translations

In the Spanish town Amposta, in Southern Catalan the fourth edition of TEDxAmposta was hosted.

This time was a very special edition:
Not only because 70% of the event speakers were women - rather because auXala was part of the event. 




Ukrainian Chess World Champion Anna Muzychuk was on stage, talking about her success in being one of the World's best chess player. Her TEDx talk was translated into Spanish and through auXala software sent to the attendees’ phones.
All spanish visitors were able to listen to Anna's talk in their mother tongue. 

Attendees could easily bring their own device and earphones to listen to the talks in their mother tongue.
To use auXala, visitors simply had to open the auXala TEDx online link. That's it - simplify your event with auXala.
Listen differently.

eventLinda Gerak